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Home Automation

Using technology like Insteon’s dual-band enabled smart switches, lighting

controls, thermostats and relay packs, your Home Automation and Design 

consultant will make your home energy efficient and easy to


Today’s technology makes it possible to:

activate or deactivate single lights, lighting scenes, or light groups on a

single switch, or on multiple switches throughout the home

Activate or deactivate time-critical devices like landscape and walkway

lighting precisely and automatically based upon surrise and sunset


Set your thermostat(s) based on the time of day, and whether the home

is occupied or unoccupied.

Provide multiple zones of thermostat control

Activate door locks and security detectors and lighting automatically

based upon time of day.

All of this functioality is housed on small, fan-less computer that draws

about 15 watts of power, is no bigger than a book and is located remotely

anywhere there is an internet connection available.


Amazon’s Alexa App can reside on any of three different hardware platforms: Amazon Echo Amazon Tap, or Amazon Dot Alexa is more than just a pretty face...with the help of your                     Home Automation and Design Inc. equipped SmartHome, she’s a full featured personal assistant. Yes, she can play music, turn lights on and off, dim the lights, lock the doors, turn on the ceiling fan, close the blinds, and turn on the sprinklers, and give you the score of the big game whenever you ask. Just issue a voice command from the comfort of your easy chair!
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